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Women are more likely to experience additional obstacles while navigating financial independence. These hurdles often include pay discrimination at work and difficulty making a living due to other household responsibilities, such as raising children.

Crypto investments can open doors for women ready to improve their financial situations without leaving home. In addition, investing within the decentralized space offers women the opportunity to reap the benefits of a higher annual percentage yield, providing a greater return on their investments. Women can hold these investments for extended periods in a cold wallet accessible without the internet to sell or trade cryptocurrencies when they have greater value to earn more interest.



While studies show that men are more likely to invest in crypto than women, we believe it’s time to make a change. Introducing women into the crypto space is one of the most effective ways to lead them to financial freedom. Moreover, it’s not just about women in the United States, but about women in all countries, including places where it’s even more difficult for women to earn a living through traditional means.

Cryptocurrency investments offer women a new and exciting way to build generational wealth. From investing in different crypto coins to NFTs, otherwise known as non-fungible tokens, women can dive into the decentralized space while taking risks that can lead to a much greater financial reward in the long run.

“Crypto as we know it has been built not solely on blockchain but also a strong community. We, women, are natural community builders. Now is the time for us to assemble and participate in crypto with a view of garnering financial independence and harnessing our innate skill set. Just as the dollars we spend are political statements – Bitcoin is no different. For millennia we have cast our votes without being heard – cryptocurrency enables us to be heard.

– Diana Pires, VP, Institutional Sales, Crypto.com



You may have heard about blockchain technology, but do you know its benefits? People often feel skeptical about getting involved in something they don’t know much about, but completing transactions within the blockchain space is more secure than most traditional transactions.

The decentralized system keeps a detailed record of everything, including financial transactions, to provide greater trust and transparency between users. It also offers an open space for users to invest, create, and find innovative solutions to social problems.



The tech and finance industry remains a male-dominated network even in the decentralized world, but this is changing. More and more women invest in cryptocurrencies and play a more active role as developers. In countries like Nigeria, women are equally invested in crypto even if historically conditioned to not take an active role in finances. Education, media, and the desire for self-sovereignty is important.

Many reasons that have hindered women’s adoption of crypto, over-sexualization for marketing to crypto bros is just one example. Many women have started investing in cryptocurrency, but men are still far more likely to get involved in the process than women, so why is that?

It’s usually due to a lack of tech knowledge. Women may hear about crypto-related topics, such as Bitcoin and its substantial growth over the years, but still aren’t sure how to get involved or what to invest in when taking the plunge. A lack of understanding within the blockchain space leaves women feeling skeptical enough to avoid making investments that could potentially change their lives.

While many women believe crypto is too complicated, we’re here to offer that guidance and extra support to show you it is just about learning a new skill and what is needed is a growth mindset, an open mind, and some consistency. 

Women can get involved in this male-dominated industry no one should feel discouraged to enter this space. Some inspirational women  can help.



Crypto investments are becoming increasingly common, with more women growing interested in the opportunity to earn a greater return from a small yet wise investment. But how does one get started?

It all starts with DRT, also known as doing research together. It’s crucial to take the time to learn more about the ins and outs of crypto investments, including details on the value of different types of cryptocurrencies available within the blockchain space. However, doing your research is only the first step to success. You can also benefit from DRT, otherwise known as doing research together.

When we’re researching and gathering valuable information on crypto together, we become an unstoppable force with a plethora of knowledge. It allows us to make wiser financial decisions from the start while lowering our risk of losing money.