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The blockchain revolution brings us many opportunities for women to take more leadership roles in technology and decentralized finance.

As I was educating myself, I felt women needed to come together and mentor one another in this space, to have guidance and support as we grow in a collaborative effort.

More Women in Crypto has the mission to drive adoption, offer mentorship opportunities, and bring more visibility to women in the blockchain. This initiative is where beginners receive guidance and meet the experts.

Francesca Martina

MWIC Founder

I am a crypto enthusiast who believes in a decentralized way of life using the blockchain to create new social and financial systems. For over a decade, she has been a perpetual student of alternative therapies, indigenous knowledge, and human behavior.

Her professional background in hospitality, event planning, and project management, combined with life experiences and academic research led her to begin “More Women in Crypto”.

The initiative has the mission to drive the adoption of crypto, offer mentorship opportunities, and bring exposure and visibility to women in blockchain. In bringing this vision to life, Francesca continues to educate herself in cryptocurrencies and AI applications, while supporting others to become more involved.

  • BA Psychological Sciences
  • Founder MWIC
  • Decentralized Lifestyle Coach

Fah Castro

MWIC Creative

Staring in the crypto world through personal investments, I got passionate about the Blockchain and the revolution it is making in all the industries.

Before my interest in the blockchain, I was a Fraud Specialist Analyst and Video creator at Microsoft LATAM & EMEA. This gives me the tools to focus on the creative side and be able to understand the technical side of the blockchain as well this combination allowed me to make a visual representation of a project and start shaping it and putting it into the “real world”.

I am the Creative Creator of MWIC and I have been working with other crypto projects such as Tulum Coin.

  • Fraud Specialist Analyst Microsoft
  • Tulum Coin Creative Lead 
  • Video Editing 
  • VFX & 3D Graphic Animator  
  • IT Security 
  • Certified Near Analyst

Steph Ferrera

MWIC Flame

I have been active in the Web3 Blockchain space for about two years and became more and more interested in DAO applications. I am an advocate for decentralized communities helping to merge blockchain technology with regenerative environmental projects. I have been curating and supporting international women’s circles and communities that focus on women’s empowerment. 

MWIC inspired me to share my knowledge and research with other women. I am passionate about the mission of empowering one another to learn and achieve financial independence through crypto and self-realization. 

I am known in the community to bring the spark that activates projects and initiatives! I am the fire!!


  • DAO Project Manager
  • Public Relations Manager, Mexico
  • Co-founder of TulumCoin
  • Core Member of Mexico DAO
  • Community Mediator
  • Certified NEAR analyst

#MWIC is a social container where women can discuss, learn about the blockchain, and develop essential skills

To build a community together is to learn how to support one another and actively share our visions, expertise, and feedback.


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