A Women-led Initiative

Women Mentoring Women in the blockchain

The revolution of blockchain technology brings us many opportunities to solve social problems and especially for women to level up and be more involved in technology and decentralized finance. 

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What We're about

Our mission is to empower women to achieve financial independence by creating mentorship programs, accessible education, and increasing visibility in the Blockchain.

This initiative is where beginners receive guidance and meet the experts.

This Is Why

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Blockchain technology is an opportunity for women to level up both in finance and technology. More Women in Crypto has the mission to drive adoption, offer mentorship opportunities, and bring more visibility to women in the blockchain.

What Is MWIC?

This movement and educational platform serve as a bridge to reduce the financial and STEM gap by increasing the visibility of women in the Blockchain industry by connecting them to crypto professionals, mentors, and speaking engagements

How MWIC works

Our platform provides women with job opportunities and educational programs for upskilling. We recognize the need to establish women’s leadership in the blockchain to provide a more balanced and inclusive perspective both in tech and finance.